Hi – glad to have you on board.   Whether by accident or design, you have reached the website of Eastham Village Preservation Association.   Before you move on, may we share with you a little of our village’s history and how we are trying to preserve it?

The Lodge to Eastham House and one time village Post Office

Eastham is Wirral’s oldest village.   Evolving from the 10th-century Manor of Estham (sic) it lies a stone’s throw from the east bank of the River Mersey.   Designated a Conservation Area in 1974, following a well-supported campaign led by the Eastham Village Preservation Association (EVPA) it boasts eleven Listed Buildings, including the 12th-century church of St Mary.

The ancient church of St Mary’s in the Spring

Our primary function is to act as the Conservation Area Advisory Committee for the village, a role which we have carried out with some success for over fifty years.   To that end we advise the Council on planning applications and tree applications within the Conservation Area.

A busy day at Eastham Ferry – in 1923

But that is not our only role.   We also look after the extensive historical archive of the village and surrounding area.   We are campaigning to protect the remains of the Victorian Pleasure Gardens and Zoo located in what is now Eastham Country Park, and we are leading the campaign to reduce the volume and speed of traffic through the village.

A container vehicle dangerously trying to negotiate Eastham’s narrow and winding main street.

A quick flick through our site and a glance at the picture portfolio may just stimulate your curiosity.

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